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Omba Arts Trust is a social enterprise working in Namibia since the early 1990’s with 400 rural artisans in 9 regions of the country. In particular we support San living on resettlements, most of whom depend almost entirely on the income they receive from their crafts or art. The majority of Omba artisans are women, and many are single heads of households. Besides developing and marketing their iconic crafts, we are also addressing food and resource security with water-wise homestead gardens and award-winning tree-planting projects.

Help us support our artisans

Almost all our income, as well as that of the artisans we support, ceased with the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic that has almost completely halted tourism to our country. Our artisans need money to buy food, for clinic and school fees and to pay for ploughing services in their fields.

By contributing to our Artisan Covid-19 Support Fund, you will help us sustain supply chains, provide food relief, and maintain much needed incomes to our artisans and their families.

How will Omba use my donation?

We are using three strategies to help artisans through this time – while we still pay cash upfront for small orders, production in many areas has been hampered. Therefore we are also distributing food and clothing parcels as well as relief funds to each artisan to help pay for necessities and school fees.

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See the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the rural Namibian artisans that Omba supports
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