Mopane Leaf Necklace M Natural


Striking necklace handmade with sustainably sourced ostrich eggshell. The design is based on the unusual shape of an indigenous tree’s leaves.

One size.

Colour: natural

Additional information

Dimensions 62 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 62 cm

Ju/’hoan and !Kung San women still use the same millennia-old technique handed down from their ancestors to make ostrich eggshell beads. The beads were crafted into beautiful pieces of body adornment by their hunter-gatherer forebears to wear and exchange as gifts.

Today the shell is sustainably sourced from commercial hatcheries. The shell shards are sterilised after the ostrich chicks have hatched.

Each piece acquires its own distinctive patina from the wearer – the more its worn, the more you it becomes!



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